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DMLS 3D printed automotive component

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Our DMLS 3D Printing Services

Direct Metal Laser Sintering or DMLS is an industrial metal 3D printing technology. It is a powder bed fusion process similar to SLS, which builds parts from a range of metal materials one layer at a time by sintering metal powders together.

DMLS 3D printing is a process capable of building highly complex shapes which would be near impossible to make via other methods. This technology promises to have a massive range of applications as it improves and becomes better understood.


Maximum Build Size 280 x 280 x 280 mm (11″ x 11″ x 11″)
Lead Time 3 days
Resolution ± 0.3mm
Prototyping Applications Complex-shaped functional prototypes for testing
End-Use Applications Low volume functional end-use parts

Metal 3D Printing Materials

Pure Copper

3D printing with pure copper is possible with DMLS and SLM. Copper is a malleable, ductile, and an extremely good conductor of both heat and electricity. It is ideal for heat exchangers and electrical equipment such as wiring and motors.
Pinkish Red
Metal 3d printing in pure copper


Bronze is an affordable metal 3D printing material option. It's a copper-based alloy that resists corrosion and metal fatigue better and conducts heat and electricity better than most steels. Bronze is commonly used for sculptures, musical instruments, medals and in other industrial applications.
Dull Gold
Metal 3D printing in Bronze

Stainless Steel

At HLH, we can 3D print in different grades of stainless steel. Stainless steel is strong and highly resistant to corrosion and rust, making it ideal for parts that are exposed to different elements for long periods and do not easily break.
Material Reference
FS 316L, FS 420, FS 15-5PH, FS 17-4PH
Silver Metallic
3d printing a Stainless steel 316L metal leaf blade

Titanium Alloy

Titanium alloys have high specific strength, good high temperature mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. 3D printing with titanium is very precise, making it a popular material choice in the aerospace and automotive industries.
Material Reference
FS Ti6Al4V, FSTA15
Silver Grey-White Metallic
Metal 3d printing in titanium Alloy

Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium is a cost-effective choice. 3D-printed aluminium parts are strong and light, making them ideal for the aerospace, aviation, and automotive industries.
Material Reference
FS AlSi10Mg
Silver Metallic
Aluminium Alloy - Racing car fittings

Nickel-base Superalloy

With SLM and DMLS, you can 3D print difficult-to-machine metals like Nickel-base superalloy. Nickel-base superalloys are corrosion resistant high-temperature alloys that have exceptional strength. It is typically used in aerospace, power generation, and automotive high temperature applications.
Material Reference
GH4169 Superalloy
Metal 3D printed Nickel-base Superalloy
Pure Copper Bronze Stainless Steel Titanium Alloy Aluminium Alloy Nickel-base Superalloy

Typical DMLS Finishing Options

Applicable Materials Colour Description
Sanding All Sanding DMLS printed parts is a good way of smoothing edges, minimizing visible layers, and getting rid of any leftover support marks.
Spray Painting All Black, Pantone/RAL colours Spray painting is a quick way to colour DMLS parts. It can also reach areas that cannot be reached with a brush.
Plating All Polishing is often used to enhance the appearance of an item, create a reflective surface or prevent corrosion.

Post-Process Machining

DMLS and SLM can produce accurate parts to 0.1mm. Achieve even tighter tolerances with our in-house cnc machining services while benefitting from the design freedom of additive manufacturing.

metal 3d printing tight fit tolerance service

Design For Metal 3D Printing

To achieve better part quality and dimensional accuracy, it is important that your 3D model closely follows a set of geometric recommendations. Learn actionable design tips for DMLS and SLM.

SLM and DMLS metal 3d printing design tips
Metal 3d printing with metal powder

About The Process

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is a metal 3D printing technology that uses lasers to fuse powdered metals into functional prototypes and low-volume end-use parts.

Advantages of Metal 3D Printing

Metal printing defies traditional Design-For-Manufacturing guidelines, so designs that would typically be made in assemblies can be made in a single piece.

Complex Geometries
DMLS and SLM produces parts that cannot be made using traditional manufacturing techniques.

Rapid Turnaround
Metal 3D printed parts do not require tooling which reduces the manufacturing lead time from weeks to days, allowing for faster innovation and speed to market.

Production Parts
SLM and DMLS utilizes powdered metals with strong mechanical and dynamic properties, making it perfect for end-use parts.


Direct Metal Laser Sintering, or DMLS, is an additive manufacturing technology that produces functional metal prototypes and low-volume production parts by melting and fusing layers of metallic powder together through a high-power laser beam.

Ultimately, Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM), often used interchangeably, are very similar additive manufacturing processes. They both use laser energy to add metal powder together rapidly. The main difference is that SLM heats the metal powder until it fully melts into a liquid, whereas DMLS just sinters heat particles enough so that their surfaces weld together.

At HLH, we offer both DMLS and SLM 3D printing services.

DMLS can produce complex-shaped and functional metal alloys or pure metal prototypes and low-volume end-use parts.

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