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best multi jet fusion (mjf) 3d printing services for prototypes and production parts

On-Demand Nylon
Parts and Prototypes

MJF is a fantastic choice for creating
functional parts and prototypes fast.

Lead times from 3 days
Comparable to SLS 3D printing
From 1 to 10,000+ parts
ISO and IATF certified

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Please use the following formats:
.stl, .obj, .wrl, .step (.stp), .iges (.igs), .3mf, .dxf and .zip
100mb max file size (per file)

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Our MJF 3D Printing Services

HLH Rapid offer Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing services. HPs game changing 3D printing technology is a type of powder bed fusion system similar to SLS. The material is also a PA (Nylon) material and the technology produces great prototypes and functional parts. The speed means it is a fantastic choice for low volume production runs. Black or full colour versions are available.

Our Capabilities Industrial MJF
Maximum Build Size 294 x 211 x 144 mm (11.6″ x 8.3″ x 5.7″)
Lead Time 3-4 days
Resolution ± 0.3mm
Prototyping Applications Functional, high-fidelity parts for testing
End-Use Applications Low-volume, functional end use parts

nylon 3d printed box using multijet fusion (mjf)

MJF Materials

PA 12

MJF PA12 or Nylon 12 can withstand drastic temperature drops, even staying strong in below freezing periods. It is characterized by high strength, stiffness, strong resistance to cracking under stress, and an excellent long-term constant behavior.
Material Reference
PA12, PA12 Glass Beads
Speckled Grey
MJF 3d printed PA12 and Glass Fiber Parts
PA 12

Typical MJF Finishing Options

Applicable Materials Colour Description
Sanding All Bead blasting is a standard MJF 3D printing finish used to remove any remaining powder from the printed parts.
Dyeing All Black Dyeing is a fast and cost-effective way to colour MJF parts. It is mainly used to improve aesthetics.
Vapour Smoothing All Vapour smoothing is used to enhance mechanical properties and a part’s colour consistency and hue.

Design For MJF 3D Printing

HP MJF produces functional nylon parts with near-isotropic properties that can be used for detailed prototyping and end-use low-volume production. To take full advantage of this technology, learn to design assembly parts, wall thickness and more.

mjf 3d printed hollow part in black
MJF 3D Printing 2

Advantages of MJF 3D Printing

MJF 3D printing can make a single part or component as easily as dozens
or hundreds of production pieces.

Complex Geometries
Geometries can be built more easily due to the 3D printing process,
adding complexity without additional cost.

Rapid Turnaround
Parts can typically be shipped in 3-4 days, allowing for faster design
iterations and speed to market.

Production Parts
MJF 3D Printing is capable of producing end-use parts with near-isotropic
properties on-demand, increasing throughput


Multi Jet Fusion or MJF is an additive manufacturing technology introduced

MJF builds parts by jetting a binding agent onto thin layers of polymer powder particles (typically nylon) and then sintering them using an IR heat source.

Multi Jet Fusion produces functional nylon parts, great for testing and low-volume end-use.

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