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High Precision High Resolution Prints

MJP delivers high resolution and dimensionally
accurate parts fast.

Lead times from 2 days
From 1 to 10,000+ parts
ISO and IATF certified

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Our MJP 3D Printing Services

Multi-Jet Printing (MJP) 3D printing services from 3D Systems is the latest technology for producing high speed, accurate to CAD precision parts and prototypes. Capable of printing in Ultra High Definition mode, MJP makes it possible to print even smaller features, down to 300 microns or finer.

When you need high-resolution parts, there is no better choice.


Maximum Build Size294 x 211 x 144 mm (11.6″ x 8.3″ x 5.7″)
Lead Time2-3 days
Resolution± 0.3mm
Prototyping ApplicationsVisually aesthetic, complex-shaped and detailed concept models
End-Use ApplicationsLow-volume, detailed and functional end use parts

MJP Materials


MG2-CL has a great balance of strength and toughness with a clear aesthetic.It is versatileacross a wide range of applications and delivers advanced prototyping performance to meet almost any engineering need.
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Typical MJP Finishing Options

Applicable MaterialsColourDescription
As PrintedTransparentMJP printed parts are often left as printed, as they are naturally aesthetic and have an excellent smooth finish.
PaintingAllBlack, Pantone/RAL coloursPainting is a way to add colour and a great way to improve the aesthetics of MJP parts.
DyeingAllBlack, Pantone/RAL coloursDyeing is the fastest and most cost-effective way to colour MJP printed parts. It is mainly used to improve aesthetics.

About The Process

MultiJet Printing or MJP is a fairly new additive manufacturing technology introduced to the industry in 2016. It uses a UV-cured resin and produces high detail, high resolution parts.

3D Printing Services Comparison

Range of Material Options
Geometry Complexity
Batch Discount
Precision Tolerance
Fine Details
Large Parts


3 star = excellent | 2 star = good | 1 star = poor in comparison

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Advantages of MJP 3D Printing

High Resolution Prints
Due to its 3D printing process, MultiJet Printing enables 3D printing of high-resolution prototypes with the finest details

Complex Geometries
Complex geometries can be built more easily due to the 3D printing process, adding complexity without additional cost.

Rapid Turnaround
Parts can typically be shipped in 2-3 days, allowing for faster design iterations and speed to market.

Production Parts
MJP is capable of producing end-use parts and prototypes on-demand. It si often used in the medical industry.


MultiJet Printing or MJP is a fairly new additive manufacturing technology introduced to the industry in 2016. It uses a UV-cured resin and produces high detail, high resolution parts. It is great for both high detail prototypes and models and intricate production parts.

MJP deposits droplets of photoreactive material that solidify when subjected to UV (ultraviolet) light. This process continues layer by layer until the part is complete.

MJP is a fantastic choice for high resolution, detailed parts and models. Often utilised for concept modelling and communication, sales and marketing models. The high speed throughput makes it a great choice for rapid design iteration for rigid plastic or elastomeric products. Some of the materials enable biocompatible medical devices to be made quickly. It can also be used for jigs, fixtures and tools.

The many strengths of MJP make it applicable in many industries, including the automotive, aerospace, medical and electronics industries.

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