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No Drawings? Not a Problem For Us!

Get your parts scanned in the UK with our 3D scanning services.

Rapid prototyping and full-scale production
ISO accredited & QC checks
All in-house processes
3D Scanning in the UK
stl, obj and more output formats

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering Services

If you need to examine an existing product, reproduce a part that no longer has drawings, analyse a component or reproduce OEM parts for an obsolete part, then our UK reverse engineering services is the solution for you! At HLH, we use the latest peel 2-S 3D CAD scanner to get your parts accurately scanned.


Part size range0.05 to 3.0m
AccuracyUp to 0.100mm (0.004 inch)
Mesh resolution0.100mm (0.004 inch)
Scanning area143 x 108 mm (5.6 x 4.3 inch)

Scan To CAD

Digitalize, visualize, inspect, repair and modify – unlock the untapped potential of your parts with our 3D scanning to CAD service.

HLH Adds 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering to Its Wide Array of In-House Services 2

Rapid Prototyping

Pair reverse engineering with one our rapid prototyping services and reduce the designing process from months to days. We offer a wide range of rapid prototyping services, including 3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum casting, and more!

Reverse Engineering of Parts

3D Scanning FAQs

First, we’ll need the object you would like scanned.

Once received, we’ll scan the object. Using a combination of projecting light and reading deformation patterns, 3D scanning captures the complexity and dimensions of an object with extreme precision.

Once completed, we export it to a CAD software in your desired file format and return your object.


Yes, we welcome both options. In fact, such arrangements are often a more cost-effective option. Once completed, we’ll happily return your items once the 3D scan data is complete.

Note: we can make the shipping arrangements, however, we do not cover the shipping costs.

Fret not if you have a heavy or delicate item or aren’t comfortable sending your object to us, we can go to your location.

Note: we do not cover travel and accommodation expenses (if any). Therefore, this option is generally not recommended – especially for distant locations. However, if you’re ok with the additional costs, we’re more than happy to travel to your site.

No Drawings? Not a Problem For Us!

Get your parts scanned in the UK with our 3D scanning services.