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Get your parts scanned in the UK with our 3D scanning services.

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3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering Services

If you need to examine an existing product, reproduce a part that no longer has drawings, analyse a component or reproduce OEM parts for an obsolete part, then our reverse engineering services is the solution for you. At HLH, we use the latest peel 2-S 3D CAD scanner to get your parts accurately scanned.


Part size range 0.3 to 3.0m (1 to 10 ft)
Accuracy Up to 0.100mm (0.004 inch)
Mesh resolution 0.500mm (0.020 inch)

How It Works

All you have to do is, ship the part you would like to scan to us. Our team of experts will then scan the object, finalise mesh, extract entities and surfaces, and export it to a CAD software.

HLH Adds 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering to Its Wide Array of In-House Services 2

Rapid Prototyping

Pair reverse engineering with one our rapid prototyping services and reduce the designing process from months to days. HLH offers a wide range of rapid prototyping services, including 3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum casting, and more!

Reverse Engineering of Parts
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