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Example of short shots defect in injection molding

10 Most Common Injection Moulding Defects: Causes and Solutions

Learn the 10 most common injection moulding defects, their severity, root causes, and solutions to prevent them.
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What is Design For Manufacturing (DFM)?

Successful Design For Manufacturing (DFM) should minimize cost while retaining – or even increasing – the performance of a part…
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prototyping flexible rubber parts via 3D printing

Manufacturing Rubber and Flexible Parts: What Are My Options?

Find out what your options are for manufacturing flexible, rubber-like, elastomeric parts.
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manufacturing the same part in metal and plastic: is it viable?

Is Switching Your Metal Part to Plastic Viable?

Why consider making a switch from to plastic and is it viable for your project?
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choosing a material for plastic injection molding

What Material Should I Choose for For My Injection Moulding Design?

Learn how to choose the best material for your plastic injection moulding design.
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injection mould runner and gate designs

Most Common Types of Gates For Injection Moulding

Learn about the 7 most commonly used gates for injection moulding, and how to choose a gate type and placement…
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The process of cnc machining lightweight titanium implants

How to choose a metal for CNC machining?

Unsure about which metal to use for your project? Learn which CNC metals and alloys are best suited for your…
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Aluminium series 1000 to 8000 used in CNC machining

A Guide to CNC Aluminium: Which Grade to Use and Why?

Aluminium comes in a number of different grades (from 1000 to 8000 series), which can be challenging to navigate. Learn…
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How to convert STEP file to STL format

How to Convert STEP Files to STL Format

Learn how to convert STEP files to STL, and vice versa, using professional CAD softwares and free online converters.
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High precision and rapid cnc prototype machining

Top 10 Key Benefits and Uses of CNC Machining

Explore the top 10 benefits and applications of CNC machining across different industries.
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Machining bridge tooling for plastic injection moulding

Bridge Tooling Guide: When to Use It

Learn what bridge tooling is, how it compares to production tooling and when to use it.
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Example of red anodised CNC aluminium part

Colour Anodising Aluminium: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Learn what colour and cannot be anodised, how colour is applied and more.
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metal injection moulding overview and applications

Metal Injection Moulding: Disadvantages and Advantages

Five main pros and cons of using MIM for your project.
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advantages of metal 3d printing and what it can be used for

What Can You Do with Metal 3D Printing?

Metal 3D Printing can be used to solve a range of engineering challenges. Learn how you can use the process…
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insert moulding vs overmoulding process overview

Insert Moulding vs Overmoulding

We've listed several scenarios in which it's better to choose overmoulding over insert moulding and vice versa.
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Precision CNC machining acrylic parts

Acrylic CNC Machining

Acrylic (PMMA) is a popular material for CNC machining because it can be easily fabricated and shaped to dimension.
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