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Chinese New Year Festival: Planning for the Shutdown

Chinese New Year Festival: Planning for the Shutdown

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Chinese New Year also called Lunar New Year, is an annual festival celebrated in China and other Asian countries. It remains the most important occasion of the year as people return to their hometowns to reunite and spend time with their family and friends. While the official public holidays only lasts for a week, factories are closed for between two and four weeks to give employees a long break to travel home. This will have immense impact on production.

For the year 2022, the year of the tiger, the festival will land on Tuesday, February 1st.

Now that you are aware, plan ahead!

Plan Ahead And Check Your Inventory Needs

Speculate your inventory needs and plan orders in advance to avoid delays and stock shortages. Chinese New Year is also considered a prime time for changing jobs. As businesses see a high employee turnover rate, many may not be back to full production levels for over a month after the holiday. Therefore, when planning ahead, don’t just take into account the periods before and during the holiday but also the after-effects.

Communicate With Your Manufacturers/Suppliers

Due to the festival’s after-effects, it’s not uncommon for suppliers to send out last-minute, surprise communication of an order delay. To avoid such complications, it is best to openly discuss with your supplier any potential problems that may arise and what to expect. Done right, you can effectively and smoothly overcome the obstacles.

Don't Sacrifice Quality For Speed

Due the holiday’s after-effects, many suppliers’ quality standards may also not be on par for a period. Stepping up your quality control around this period is essential. Unfortunately, many businesses are convinced by their suppliers to forgo product inspections to avoid any possible shipment delays. It is important that you don’t sacrifice quality for speed.

HLH Is Here To Help

HLH will be on official holiday for two weeks, three weeks top. Most of HLH’s staff are long-term employees. Like previous years, HLH is not expecting much churn. Even so, if there are any differences for the year 2022, we are committed to fully communicating these with our clients beforehand. Rest assured, you will not be receiving any surprises on our end.

Following the holiday, you can expect more of the same but with a slow build-up to full capacity to catch any slips. HLH has years of experience in planning and prepping for the annual holiday and the know-hows to make a smooth comeback from the long break. As we’ve been successfully doing since 2008, you can expect high-quality manufacturing solutions for the year 2022.

Have a question regarding the holiday? Feel free to contact our team at

Other Chinese Holidays

Apart from Chinese New Year, there are other Chinese public holidays worth noting over the course of the year. Make sure to check them out below.

  • April 4th to 5th – Qing Ming Jie (Tomb Sweeping Day)
  • May 2nd to 4th – Labor Day
  • June 3rd – Dragon Boat Festival
  • September 12th – Mid-Autumn Festival / Moon Festival
  • October 1st to 7th – Golden Week Holiday

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