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Production tooling and steel injection mold services for production needs

Plastic Injection Moulding Quote:
What To Prepare

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So, you’re looking to manufacture plastic parts, you’ve done research into injection moulding and think its the best option for your project. Now, you need to find a reliable injection moulder and acquire a quote to evaluate costs. What do you need to consider beforehand? What information do manufacturers need to get you a quote for injection moulding? To streamline this process, we’ve made a checklist of five essential things to prepare:


  1. CAD drawings
  2. Existing mould or mould designs
  3. Estimated quantity
  4. Material & Application
  5. Secondary services


What do I need to prepare to get an injection moulding quote?

1. CAD Drawings

To generate a quote, first, a 3D model is needed. While other file formats are acceptable, the preferred formats for plastic injection moulding projects is STP (.step) file format. If possible, provide a 2D technical drawing as well. The more your moulding partner knows, the better they can anticipate the process, point out any areas for improvement, and get a more accurate quote.


2. An Existing Mould

You may have a mould already for a the same product. If so, provide details on the state of the mould when discussing the quotation with your injection moulding partner. It may be that only modifications will need to be made or an entirely new mould is needed.


Production tooling and steel injection mold services for production needs


3. Quantity

With injection moulding, it is possible to scale up production if the project has been well planned from the onset. Without sufficient planning around the volumes and timelines, unexpected costs can creep in. Ask yourself these questions: How many do you want to make as soon as possible, and how many do you expect to make later on? Do you have annual volumes in mind? Providing as much information on current and future estimated quantity will help us plan the tool material in the quote.


4. Material and Part Application

Not every supplier provides flexibility in material selection, so it’s important to check if they have the material of your choice. The choice of resin will determine the cost per part. The choice of material may also affect mould maintenance requirements, which will determine the tool cost and life.


injection moulding material choice will affect quoted cost


Whether you have or haven’t decided on a material, it’s essential to give a clear explanation of the part’s intended use and purpose, and raise any chemical or environmental factors to consider. By doing so, we’ll be able to recommend a resin and determine any design changes needed, or point out any potential flaws.


5. Secondary Services

You may require secondary services, such as prototyping, pad printing, and assembly, in addition to tooling and injection moulding. Prepare a brief list of services you may require. Your injection moulding partner will then be able to tell you if they have the capabilities to help you with your secondary services needs and add the costs in the quote or if you need to seek another company’s services.


assembling plastic injection molded parts


Tip: Look for an injection moulding partner that offers a comprehensive range of services. If they can provide all the services under one roof, this will give you the chance to benefit from lower overall costs, improved efficiency and fewer chances of miscommunication and errors.


Get an injection moulding quote with HLH Rapid

When opting for injection moulding, working with a reliable moulder like HLH Rapid, with experience catering to various industries and all processes under one roof can make all the difference.

Ready to get a quote for your injection moulding project? Use the guide above and send an RFQ that is as detailed as possible — the more details, the more accurate the quote. This helps ensure that there are no unexpected cost jumps down the road, which is especially important for ‘bigger’ projects like plastic injection moulding that involve higher initial investments, larger quantities and that stretches over longer periods of time. Once you’re ready, upload your CAD drawings to our site contact form with your project details. Our team will get back with a quote within 24 to 48 hours or less.

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