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How To Cut Costs Without Compromising Quality To Combat UK's Highest Price Rise

How To Cut Costs Without Compromising Quality To Combat UK’s Highest Price Rise

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The UK plans for its biggest price rise
since 1977

Cost pressures have been building on business over the past year. With energy and fuel prices surging and as firms wrestle with serious labour shortages, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) reported that 82% of manufacturers in the UK expect to raise prices in the next three months. This will be the UK’s highest price jump since 1977.

As inflation rates increase, local firms, especially SMEs, are put at significant risk. It’s time to consider low-cost solutions as an alternative.

Looking to China for low-cost solutions

The old assumption about China being inexpensive, though less true than it once was, is still one of the main reasons people choose to send work here. Though prices in China have risen over the years, which parts of the world hasn’t done the same, right? The difference within the gap in cost levels is what makes its price rates unmatched. Accounting for close to a third of the World’s manufacturing output each year, “China is still the world’s manufacturing superpower.”

Its work force and incredible work culture are key contributors to the 1.44 billion populated country’s manufacturing strength, and that won’t be going away any time soon. Today, China is still one of the most efficient and cost-effective choice when it comes to manufacturing.

While cutting costs is absolutely critical when combating inflation, it shouldn’t mean you have to give up quality.

Beyond the low cost advantage

“China produces low quality, cheap products” – this statement carries some truth. Indeed, they produce some of the cheapest products, but the generalization about “poor quality” only pertains to a small number of factories. There are many in the country that are capable of manufacturing high-tech and high-quality products. As a matter of fact, many premium “high quality” products have been made in China. Evidently, you can save costs without compromising on quality.

Like in most countries, quality varies from firm to firm. There are several ways to find a reliable manufacturer in China, but ultimately, it all comes down to a firm’s business value.

Look for a firm that prioritizes and values quality as much as you do.

Consider HLH’s high quality low cost solutions

HLH is founded and managed by Director James Murphy from the UK. We value quality and this is evident through our investments in experienced engineers and designers, the latest technology, and quality control certifications and systems over the years.

We’re as good as any top-tier manufacturer found in the UK but with the speed, efficiency, and cost benefits of being located in Shenzhen, China. Think of HLH as the Best of China and the West.

Looking for low-cost solutions without having to compromise quality? Get started on your project with HLH today.

About HLH Rapid

HLH Rapid is a rapid manufacturing solutions provider that specialises in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and low-volume production. It is many innovative companies first choice partner for high-quality bespoke parts. HLH is currently one of the only companies in the world to offer such a massive range of in-house services, including 3D printing, CNC machining, injection moulding, sheet metal fabrication, and vacuum (urethane) casting. Over the last fifteen years, HLH has manufactured parts for over 3,000 companies worldwide, helping them get their products to market faster at a competitive price.

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