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HLH Helps WAVE Bring a Reliable Drowning Detection Device to the Market 2

HLH Helps WAVE Bring a Reliable Drowning Detection Device to the Market

WAVE Systems Inc is an innovative company in the U.S., dedicated to addressing one of the leading causes of accidental death, drowning. WAVE is a wireless swimmer tracking system that is the first solution with the affordability, simplicity and reliability to enable widespread adoption. The system empowers swimmers everywhere to be monitored and prevent drownings from occurring.

HLH first worked with WAVE in mid-2020 on the W20 project. This time, WAVE was back to collaborate on their latest W10 device, knowing they would receive quality solutions and high-quality production parts.

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WAVE W10 Project Breakdown

CompanyWAVE Systems Inc
LocationConnecticut, USA
ProductReal-time drowning detection system
ProjectDeliver 100 sets of high standard appearance watertight speaking containers
ServiceRapid tooling and injection molding
Quantity100 sets
Surface FinishPolishing SPI-A3 + Painting

The Challenges and Solution

During the assembly stage, we found the case to be very loose. Loose part designs are desirable for certain products but not for the W10 (a portable device designed to be used as often as one swims).

Due to the demand for a high-quality appearance, HLH sought for a solution that would create a more robust product with as little as possible change to the exterior appearance. After several reviews with our engineering and manufacturing teams, several solutions were proposed. It was decided the best choice was to add extra material into the handle loop cavity, then further add holes to the front housing and pegs to the back accordingly.

HLH Helps WAVE Bring a Reliable Drowning Detection Device to the Market 3

The Results

Through this solution, the parts were assembled tightly ensuring durability whilst maintaining the device’s high standard appearance and light-weight portability. “We went into this project with HLH expecting that refinements and improvements would be needed, and are happy with the results” said Dave Cutler, WAVE’s CEO.

Drowning detection WAVE W10 injection molded individual parts

“HLH was were very accommodating. We also appreciated their extra inputs and ideas and the fact that they helped point out the risks and what to expect. They were actively communicating and working things out with our engineers, that really helped improve the process as a whole.” said Dave Cutler, WAVE’s CEO.

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