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black oxide coating cnc machining surface finishes

Black Oxide Coating Services

We can apply a black oxide coating to
your custom CNC metal parts.

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Applicable toGlossinessCoating ThicknessAppearance
Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminium AlloysMatte0-30µm / 0-118µm

Heavy Black

Black Oxide Coating

Black coating or blackening is a conversion coating applied on steel, aluminium and other metals. It is used to improve corrosion resistance and minimize light reflection on parts.

CNC machined aluminium part with black oxide coating

Design Considerations

Black oxide is not a deposit type coating, therefore unlike anodizing, it results in minimal dimensional change to the part.

CNC machined aluminium workpiece with black oxide surface finish

Black Oxide FAQs

Black oxide adds a mild layer of corrosion and abrasion resistance to fasteners. Like any material, black oxide treated fasteners can rust in the right environments.

Black oxide coating provides a uniform black surface that is corrosion and somewhat scratch resistant. It is used mostly for moving parts that cannot tolerate a dimensional change and to decrease light reflection.
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