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Electroplating surface finish services for metal and plastic parts

CNC Electroplating Services

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Applicable toCoating TypesAppearance
All metalsChrome, zinc, copper, nickel, brass etc.Metallic

Electroplating Services

Get custom CNC metal or plastic parts and finish it off with an electroplated finish whether for maintenance or purely decorative purposes. We can coat your parts in chrome, zinc and nickel.

cnc machined automotive part with an electroplated surface finish

Metal CoatingCharacteristicsAppearanceTypical Applications
ChromeIncreased surface hardness
Excellent corrosion protection
Excellent for decorative purposes
Silver finish with a slight blue tingeChrome plating is used for both maintenance and purely decorative purposes. Some common applications include car components, tools and kitchen utensils.
Hard ChromeThicker than chrome plating
Very hard and durable
Decorative finishes
Silver finish with a slight blue tingeWidely used in the aerospace and agricultural sectors. Some common applications include hydraulics, valves, crankshafts, harvester rolls and injection moulds.
NickelGood corrosion resistance
Good heat resistance
Offers a softer decorative finish
Bright silver finish with a slight yellow tingeNickel playing is often used to protect lightweight plastics and other metals from wear and tear.
ZincEconomic and safe
Excellent corrosion protection for steel
Bright silver/blue appearanceMainly used for smaller CNC parts like nuts, bolts, fasteners that will be exposed in interior or mildly corrosive conditions.

How does electroplating work?

Electroplating is the process of using electrodeposition to coat an object in a layer of metal(s). A considerable skill and craft-technique is required to ensure an evenly-coated finished product.

How an electroplated surface finish is applied to metal and plastic parts
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