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bead blasted cnc machined metal parts

CNC Sandblasting Services

We offer sandblasting finishing options, ideal for
both CNC metal and plastic parts

Rapid prototyping
and full-scale production
ISO accredited
& QC checks
All in-house
Used in over
50 countries
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Applicable toGlossinessStandard gritAppearance
Metals, PlasticsSatin, Matte#120

Uniform matte of raw material colour

Sandblasting Services

We have sandblasting surface finishing available for cnc machined parts. Sandblasting is mainly used for visual purposes and comes in several different grits which indicate the size of the bombarding pellets.

sandblasting services for cnc machined metals and plastics

Media or Bead Blasting

Sandblasting is a form of bead blasting or media blasting surface finish. Another popular media blasting finish available at HLH is glass bead blasting.

bead blasting services with different grits
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