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smooth machining surface finish options for cnc machined metal and plastic parts

Smooth Machining Services

We can create a smooth CNC part via smooth
machining or manual sanding.

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and full-scale production
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& QC checks
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50 countries
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ProcessApplicable toAppearance
Smooth machining, manual sandingMetals, plastics

Smooth surface. Machine marks less evident but still visible

Smooth Machining

Smooth machining can be applied to the part to reduce its surface roughness. Machine marks are less evident but still visible.

CNC brass parts with smooth machined finish

Manual Sanding

We can smooth smaller batches of cnc parts by hand. Hand sanding leaves behind fewer scratches than a power tool and it is easier to sand contours and tight corners.


manual sanding a cnc machined pp material part using a sandgrit paper
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