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HLH takes pride in offering tailored solutions to the aerospace and UAV markets enabling them to rapidly innovate new solutions to tomorrow’s problems. Aerospace is entering new territory and HLH’s tailored solutions have enable innovations from the smallest drones to the innovative seating. Our range of tailored services, everything from prototyping through to low/mid volume production in rapid lead times allows our clients to focus on design and innovation. We manufacture parts in a wide range of aerospace grade materials and offer weight-saving solutions via 3D printing, CNC machining or carbon fiber parts.

Top Aerospace & Defense Applications

  • End-use production of flightworthy components with high-precision tolerances
  • Customized small production runs for repairs or replacement
  • Rapid prototyping of parts using 3D printing with metals and plastics
  • Rapid tooling, jigs, brackets and chassis for manufacturing
  • Custom tooling

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