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The medical industry needs high quality, dependable and safe parts and products so they can deliver healthier and happier lives to all. At HLH we have been working with medical device manufacturers large and small, old and new to deliver high-quality precision parts and prototypes. Our experience in rapid prototyping and molding of medical devices also developed to new product innovation for physicians and inventors. We can help to manufacture medical devices through plastic injection molding and bring your ideas to market. The rapid tooling and injection molding services also offer the perfect solution for low/mid volume production and medical grade materials.

Top Medical Device & Hardware Applications

  • Highly variable, low-volume production runs with high-precision tolerances
  • Custom tooling brackets and chassis for medical manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping of medical devices using additive manufacturing
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Ventilator parts

CNC Machining in Medical Device Manufacturing: Benefits and Applications

CNC Machining in Medical Device Manufacturing: Benefits and Applications 2
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