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Robotics Prototyping & Part Manufacturing Services

Robotics and automation are two of the fastest growing industries globally and there are exciting developments and challenges to be faced every day. Our bespoke solutions enable you to focus on the project at hand while we deliver the parts you need to push boundaries of what is possible. With over 15+ years experience, We understand the demands of the robotics and automation sector and we work with you to ensure they are met and exceeded.

Top Robotics Applications

Low volume prototype, pilot, or short-term production support using: Injection molding, urethane casting, CNC machining, etc.

✓ Production parts supply: Bridge tooling & parts supply, low to medium volume tooling parts supply, service parts supply using new or existing tooling

✓ Rapid prototyping with: Additive manufacturing, CNC machining

Plant floor manufacturing support: Custom assembly fixtures/equipment/jig details, custom check fixture or in-process and 100% outgoing QC checks.

robotics prototyping to test functionality

Yellow Robot Case Study

Find out how we helped Ebolution Systems produce and assembled over 70 individual CNC machine parts and accelerate their development cycle.

CNC machined yellow robot case study

Our Robotics Manufacturing Capabilities


TechnologiesTop MaterialsTop Surface FinishesDescription
CNC machiningAluminum, stainless steel, PC, PEEK, Acrylic, etc.Anodizing, passivation, electroplating, silk screening and more. View Full ListPrecision parts for functional testing, validation of appearance, and end-use applications.
Plastic injection mouldingPOM, PEEK, PA+GF,SPI surface finish, pad printing, painting and more.Rapid tooling, insert moulding, overmould and 2K moulding services for simple and complex low volume parts.
3D printingNylon, PLA, ABS, TPU, etc.Electropainting, metallic oil paint, sanding and more.Functional parts and prototypes via SLS, MJF, DMLS and FDM. High resolution and aesthetic prototypes via SLA.
Vacuum castingSoft rubber, ABS-like, PC-like, etc.Gloss, semi-gloss, matte. View Full ListLarge housing & enclosures and high quality end-use parts. Proof of functionality before investing in hard tooling.
Sheet metal fabricationAluminium, steel, copper, cold rolled steel, etc.Anodizing, brushing, passivation and more.Brackets, frames and chassis.

Trusted by Robotics Engineers and Designers at 9 of the Top 10 Fortune 500 Technology Companies


Industrial robot and collaborative robot (co-bot) manufacturers

Domestic robot manufacturers

✓  Commercial robot manufacturers

Autonomous vehicle technology companies

Military robot and drone manufacturers

HLH Rapid robotics rapid prototyping, assembly, surface finish and manufacturing services

HLH Rapid x Shadow Robots

HLH director James Murphy sits down with Shadow Robot to talk robotics prototyping, machine learning and developing one of the world’s most advanced robot hands.

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