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How an electroplated surface finish is applied to metal and plastic parts

Knowledge Base

metal injection moulding overview and applications

Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) Process Guide

Understand Metal Injection Moulding, how it works, considerations of the process and materials used.
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brass threaded inserts used in insert molding

Insert Moulding: A Complete Overview

Insert moulding, a precise injection moulding process, designed to seamlessly integrate components like threaded inserts and bearings into plastic parts.
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rapid tooling and injection moulding for automotive applications

Automotive Injection Moulding: Everything You Need to Know

From interior to exterior, under-the-hood to lighting, automotive injection moulding plays a pivotal role in shaping the modern vehicle.
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create quick plastic prototypes using CNC precision machining

Creating Plastic Prototypes: What Are My Options?

Discover the top manufacturing techniques for creating your next plastic prototype.
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injection molding PPS material

PPS Injection Moulding

Get to know the properties and characteristics of PPS
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Injection moulded food safe pp material part

PP Injection Moulding Material

Get to know the properties and characteristics of PP
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Rapid injection moulded part made from PBT material

PBT Injection Moulding Material

Get to know the properties and characteristics of PBT
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Injection moulded food safe hdpe material part

HDPE Injection Moulding Material

Get to know the properties and characteristics of HDPE
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vacuum casting services mould tooling for prototypes and low volume production

Vacuum Casting: Process Overview, Benefits & Limitations

Get to know the basics of vacuum casting, how it works, materials used, and pros and cons of the process.
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SLS versus MJF powder-based 3D printing

3D Printing Technology Comparison: SLS vs MJF

Why choose SLS over MJF and vice versa? Find out more
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what is rapid tooling in plastic injection molding

Rapid Tooling in Injection Moulding: Overview, Benefits & Applications

Discover how rapid tooling differs from conventional tooling.
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design tips to help reduce overall cost of sheet metal parts

Cost-Saving Design Tips For Sheet Metal Fabricated Parts

Here are 7 ways you can optimize your design and reduce the cost of your sheet metal part.
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SLA 3d printing versus sls 3d printing surface quality and material

3D Printing Technology Comparison:

Explore the main differences and discover which technology is better suited for your project
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nylon 3d printed box using multijet fusion (mjf)

3D Printing Design Guide: Adding Text, Lettering and Symbols

Discover the different ways you can add text to your parts and best practices for each method
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a comparison between sla (stereolithography) and fdm 3d printing

3D Printing Technology Comparison:

Explore which technology is a better fit for your project.
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How to design parts for plastic injection moulding

Custom Electronic Enclosures: What Are My Options?

Looking to produce custom enclosures? Consider...
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