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How an electroplated surface finish is applied to metal and plastic parts

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SLA 3d printed godart8001 material part

What is SLA 3D Printing?

Get to know the SLA printing process better and find out how it can benefit you.
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how to design parts for sla 3d printing or stereolithorgrpahy

Design Guide: SLA 3D Printing

Use this SLA 3D printing design guide when designing your parts for machining.
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Designing For DMLS 3D Printing

Design Guide: DMLS Metal 3D Printing

Use this 3D printing design guide when designing your parts for SLM or DMLS.
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Buckling MG2-CL material 3D printed seatbelt

What Is MultiJet (MJP) 3D Printing?

If you want extra precise and high-resolution prints, consider MJP.
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SLS 3d printing services for detailed and complex parts

Design Guide: SLS 3D Printing

Use this SLS 3D printing design guidelines when designing your parts for machining.
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CNC machined PMMA material transparent part

Manufacturing Custom Clear Parts: What Are My Options?

Looking to produce clear custom parts? Here is a range of technologies and materials you could consider.
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Injection Molding: Modify an Existing Mold or Build a New Mold?

Making a new mold from scratch requires a lot of time and money. The good news is that ...
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Metal Injection Moulding

What is Metal Injection Moulding (MIM)?

Any structure or shape that can be achieved using plastic injection moulding can be replicated by MIM, but...
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Tips to reduce cnc machining costs for metals and plastics

How To Reduce CNC Machining Costs

CNC machining is widely used for its accuracy, speed, and efficiency. However, it is a more costly option when compared…
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plastic injection molding tool

5 Ways to Save on Tooling Costs

While it is a given that tooling will be costly, there are several ways you can reduce its costs.
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Example of CNC lathe drilling

A Complete Guide to CNC Turning

CNC turning is typically used to create a rounded surface, turning rotates the part when machining the desired shape, whereas…
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What is 3, 4 and 5 axis milling?

A Complete Guide to CNC Milling

CNC Milling can also be used in tandem with CNC turning to add design features like flat faces that are…
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plastic injection moulding versus urethane (vacuum) casting

Injection Molding Or Vacuum Casting: Which To Use?

Due to their shared similarities, it is often difficult to pick between the two processes. This article highlights key factors…
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Applications of PMMA in the Automotive Industry

Applications of PMMA in the Automotive Industry

PMMA is a great alternative to the high cost and less resilient glass.
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cnc plasma cutting via sheet metal fabrication

What is CNC Plasma Cutting and How Does it Work?

Plasma cutting is a versatile technology used to cut a wide range of materials, including copper, titanium, steel and more.
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