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HLH Helps WAVE Bring a Reliable Drowning Detection Device to the Market 2

HLH and WAVE Collaborates to Reduce Deaths From Drowning

06.12.2021 HLH News

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HLH first worked with WAVE in mid-2020 on the W20 project. This time, WAVE was back to collaborate on their latest W10 device, knowing they would receive reliable production parts. WAVE Systems Inc is an innovative company in the U.S. dedicated to addressing one of the leading causes of accidental death — drowning — through the use of its swimmer tracking system, which is the first solution with the affordability, simplicity, and reliability to enable widespread adoption.


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HLH Rapid recently helped WAVE injection mould 100 sets of their latest drowning detection device. “We went into this project with HLH expecting that refinements and improvements would be needed, and are happy with the results” said Dave Cutler, WAVE’s CEO. The W10 is a lightweight, portable, watertight and reliable device that allows you to monitor the safety of your family, kids and guests in real-time at pools, lakes & more.


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