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HLH Rapid's Succesful ISO 14001 Certification Renewal: A Testament to Sustainable Manufacturing Excellence

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HLH Rapid, a leading company in rapid prototype manufacturing headquarters in Leeds, United Kingdom, proudly announces the successful renewal of its ISO 14001 certification. This renewal acknowledges our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible business practices.

The ISO 14001 certification is a global standard given to companies that demonstrate a genuine committed to reducing their environmental impact. This certification underscores a firm dedication to improving conditions for the planet, with an ongoing commitment to continually enhance environmentally responsible practices.


How this certification renewal benefits our clients:

  • Reliability and Quality Assurance: Clients can trust HLH Rapid because we operate under strict environmental management guidelines, ensuring the highest quality of products while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Reduce Risk in Production: Working with a certified group lowers the chances of breaking environmental rules, making product development safer and more accessible for all kinds of businesses.
  • Becoming an Eco-Friendly Company: Customers who prioritize sustainability in their supply chain can easily align with HLH, helping both parties reach their sustainability goals.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Working together with HLH, a certified eco-friendly partner, can help improve a client’s brand image, demonstrating commitment to responsible sourcing and manufacturing, thereby boosting reputation.


HLH Rapid Limited undergoes a thorough check, examining aspects such as environmental protocol, resource utilization, waste reduction, sustainable manufacturing, and overall commitment to eco-friendliness. Clients entering partnerships with HLH Rapid can be assured of the company’s steadfast dedication to environment responsibility. The renewal of the ISO 14001 certification serves as a clear demonstration of the company’s unwavering commitment to utilizing fewer resources, prioritizing environmental kindness, and adhering to eco-friendly manufacturing practices.


Sustainable Manufacturing

If your company aims to be more eco-friendly and needs a manufacturing partner with the same values, HLH Rapid is here for you. To get custom parts and prototypes made with us, get in touch with our team and send us project your details to

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