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Rapid Injection Molding 9

Create Thousands of Production
Quality Plastic Parts Efficiently

Rapid injection moulding produces real parts from real tools
in real materials at rapid lead times.

Lead time from 2 weeks
From 1 to 100,000+ parts
Wide range of real production
grade materials
ISO and IATF certified

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Rapid Injection Molding 3

Rapid Tooling

We offer rapid prototyping using our injection moulding services. Think of rapid injection moulding as end-use prototype manufacturing.
Rapid Injection Molding 2


Overmoulding is a unique injection moulding process that combines two or more components together. It is the best practice for the production of multi-color and multi-layers products.
Rapid Injection Molding

Insert Moulding

Insert Molding is an injection molding process that encapsulates components in a plastic part. It is most commonly used for designs with threads and holes.

Rapid Tooling and Plastic Injection Moulding Services

Injection moulding is our top choice for producing low-volume plastic parts. Thanks to its high-precision, repeatability, and cost efficiency at scale, our plastic injection moulding services have been used to make a variety of parts from the smallest medical insert up to large automotive & aerospace parts.


Medium (Tolerance Not Specified) Fine (On Request)
Linear Tolerances +/- 0.004 inches +/- 0.002 inches
Chamfer Radius and Height Dimension 0.2mm 0.2mm
Hole Diameter Tolerances

Plastic Injection Moulding Materials


HDPE is a low cost thermoplastic with good impact and chemical resistance. It is used in a wide variety of applications, including plastic bottles, cutting boards, and piping.
Black, white
PYD03455 (HDPE)


PA or nylon material is a versatile, durable, and flexible material often used as a more affordable alternative to other materials like silk, rubber, and latex. Due to its high melting point, it is an excellent alternative to metal components in high-temperature environments, like car engines and other types of high-friction machinery.
Black, White, Beige
PYD05470 _ PA Material


ABS is an extremely rigid, versatile thermoplastic with fantastic chemical and weather resistance. It is often paired with a chrome plated finish to make high quality automotive accessories and other components.
White, Black, Cream, Milky
ABS Material


PBT holds high strength, rigidity and thermal deformation resistance, as well as high dimensional stability and a low tendency to creep. It is commonly used to make sockets, switches and handles.
White to Bright Color
PBT Material


PC has high impact resistance, wear resitance and can withstand functional testing. It is commonly used in the medical, automotive, telecommunications industries.
Black, Translucent (or polished transparent)
PC Material part


PMMA is known as a 50% lighter, clearer, more affordable, shatter-resistant alternative to glass. It is commonly used for automotive lights and windows to smartphones screens.
Translucent, Black
PMMA Material


PP is durable, robust and resistant to many external factors. It is the second most extensively used plastic, often known to be one of the safer choice.
Many colors
PP Material


Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is a rigid polymer with excellent high temperature and high chemical resistance and a good electrical insulation. It is commonly used in medical devices and surgical instruments.
Opaque White to Light Tan
PPS Material

Typical Plastic Injection Moulding Finishing Options

Applicable Materials Colour Description
SPI Mould Finishes All SPI A1-3, B1-3, C1-3, D1-D3.
Find out more in the downloadable sheet below.
Painting All Black, Pantone/RAL colours Painting is a method of adding colour to a part. It is often used to increase the aesthetics of a part.
Chrome Plating All Silver-gray metallic Chrome plating is used to increase corrosion resistance or surface hardness of a part, ease the maintenance process or for purely decorative purposes.

About The Process

The injection moulding process requires an injection moulding machine, raw plastic material, and a machined mould. The raw plastic material is first melted in the injection unit then injected into the mould — most often machined from steel or aluminium — where it cools and solidifies into the final plastic part.

Rapid Injection Molding
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Why Choose Rapid Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding vs Vacuum Casting
Vacuum (urethane) casting offers a lower front end cost with a higher unit price, whilst injection moulding demands a higher front end cost, but a significantly lower unit price. With higher volume production runs, you will simply not see the same ROI with vacuum casting than you will with injection moulding.

Rapid Injection Moulding is Used For
Producing low-volume (up to 100,000) quality production parts and prototypes from real materials. Rapid injection moulding is used for prototyping, bridging and low volume production run parts in less time and a reduced cost than full production mould.

Advantages of Rapid Injection Moulding

  • Cost effective
  • Highly efficient
  • Real production grade materials
  • Offers flexibility (in materials and colors)
  • High quality parts

Rapid Injection Molding FAQS

Rapid injection moulding is the process of making injection moulds for prototyping, bridging, and short production run parts in less time and a reduced cost than full production moulds

Due to its many advantages, injection moulding is widely used in many industries, including the automotive, medical, telecommunications and consumer goods industries.

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