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Robotics & Automation 2

HLH Delivers Fully Assembled Robot (Made of 70 CNC Parts) in Just 2 Weeks

Ebotlution Systems is an innovative company in Spain that specialize in the development and integration of information systems and knowledge management and automation and control in critical sectors such as industry, energy, education and defense.

The Yellow Robot

HLH Rapid takes on innovative Spanish company Ebotlution Systems’ intense project to produce 70 individual CNC machined parts and assemble the robot and controller within their 2-week deadline requirement.

CNC machined yellow robot case study

ServiceCNC machining
Quantity70 individual components
MaterialABS + PEEK + PA
FinishingHand Sanding + Painting
Lead Time15 Days

A Thorough Review Goes a Long Way

The yellow robot was a complex piece of device that contained many individual components, sensors and wirings that had to interact with each other. Upon conducting a thorough project review, our engineering team discovered that a few parts would interfere with each other during assembly. We were able to point out the issues to Ebolution Systems who re-drew the parts before we begun the rapid CNC machining process.

CNC machined yellow robot top case

CNC, Assembled and Delivered in 2 Weeks

By spotting and pointing out the issue so early on, we were able to CNC all 70 individual components, assemble the robot and controller, and deliver the robot on time with no further issues.

CNC machined yellow robot controller device

This was a fun project to work on and an intense one. Between the robot, the controller and a few extra parts, this project had over 70 parts. The majority of which had to be assembled together and work together as interactive parts.

When you are producing 4 or 5 parts to be assembled together for one finished prototype, and the tolerance of one part is slightly off, it is not a big crisis – as normally, that single part can be quickly remade. But with over 70 parts and a production time line that was tight, our tolerance needed to be spot on. Tolerance was the critical element to be focused on for a successful outcome to this project. Even though we had already solved some potential tolerance issues before machining started, we still needed to focus closely on QC machining execution to ensure no time was lost to substandard parts.

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